California Bioenergy Projects

Is your dairy ready for SB 1383?

Governor Brown’s legislation doesn’t need to put you out of business. There is technology operating right down the road that can help you reach your methane reduction goals. Anaerobic digestion can dramatically cut emissions from dairies and potentially even bring in profit. EFI can help you build a custom solution for your operation and even provide support to get you a subsidy for your project from the State of California. 

Will a methane digester work for you?

An anaerobic digester is a facility that takes in manure — a lot of it — and processes it in a way that recovers most of the methane and results in products like fuel and electricity. Digesters reduce
the need for manure lagoons that smell and release tons of greenhouse gases like methane.  EFI can provide you with an audit of your operation so you can decide if it’s the right solution.