Custom Geosynthetic Fabrication

Our Custom Solutions Include:


Geosynthetic Panel Fabrication


Geotextile Fabrication


Custom Structures & Fittings

EFI’s fabrication team is ready to meet your geosynthetic application needs. We use EPDM, Polypropylene, PVC, XR5, HDPE and LLDPE materials in their reinforced or non-reinforced form, as needed.

We integrate solutions in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture waste management, including swine, poultry and dairy farms and plant operations, as well as the wastewater industry, research facilities and more. 

Customized geotextiles are ideal for erosion protection, soil stabilization and other challenges. EFI’s combined 50+ years of material experience and top notch technical knowledge provide our clients with unique geotextile solutions that cannot be replicated. We can fabricate materials on and off site.