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EFI USA, LLC leads the industry in containment and bioenergy technologies designed to maximize operational efficiency, improve environmental impact and boost profitability for industrial, municipal and agriculture-based clients.

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Our proven experience in designing and installing innovative, cost effective containment solutions from initial engineering review to construction completion can help you safely harness and channel your waste stream for renewable natural gas conversion.


Percentage of Covered Lagoon (CL) projects constructed by EFI. *Based on Jan. 2023 EPA AgSTAR Livestock Anaerobic Digester Database.

Years EFI has been in business, as EFI was founded in 1993

Average square footage of geomembrane systems installed annually by EFI crews

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) describes biogas that comes from a variety of sources, including livestock farms, organic waste and animal processing facilities, municipal solid waste landfills, and more that can be used in place of fossil fuels. Once refined, RNG can be used in thermal applications, as vehicle fuel, generate electricity, and be injected into the U.S. network of natural gas pipelines.

As pioneers in the industry, we specialize in designing and installing cost efficient containment solutions to ensure maximum biogas output.

We also offer a wide range of geosynthetic covers, liner systems and tank solutions to protect against corrosion and erosion, and stabilize the environment.

Industries We Serve with Custom Geosynthetic Materials & Sustainable Containment Solutions

Agricultural, including waste solutions for dairy, poultry and swine farm and plant operations.

Municipal, including landfills, solid waste containment, wastewater storage and soil stabilization.

Commercial Industrial, including chemical containment, tailings impoundment and food processing waste management.

Sports and Recreation complexes, including field covers, and decorative pond liners to schools, universities, recreational facilities, and parks.

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Geosynthetic Liner Systems

Tank Containment

Biogas Solutions

Soil Stabilization & Erosion Control

Custom Geosynthetic Materials Fabrication

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