About Us

For more than 30 years, EFI USA, LLC has helped to pioneer and lead the industry in developing sustainable, cost effective containment and bioenergy technologies designed to maximize operational efficiency, improve environmental impact and boost profitability for industrial, municipal and agriculture-based clients across the U.S. and globally.

From initial engineering review to construction completion, EFI partners with you to reach your Renewable Natural Gas harnessing and other waste containment goals, including meeting and/or exceeding regulatory and compliance requirements.

We Specialize in Designing, Installing & Maintaining:


Geosynthetic liner & cover systems


Primary & secondary tank & impoundment lining


Soil stabilization & erosion control solutions


Custom ‘in house’ fabrication


Geosynthetic repairs & rehabilitation


Material & equipment supply


Project consulting & advisement

We also offer a full range of products and installation services in the Sports Fields, Parks and Recreational industry. For solid, liquid or gas containment, to erosion prevention and soil stabilization, and many solutions in between, EFI has a design to fit your needs.

Our History

In 1993, Dennis Shanklin and his team converged their extensive experience in civil engineering, environmental construction and product manufacturing to establish what is now EFI USA, LLC.

That wealth of knowledge and experience helped EFI become the leader it is today in project capabilities, design, fabrication and installation of geosynthetic products, providing covers, liners and containment systems that reduce air pollution, protect water sources, and optimize the customer experience. 

Innovation remains at the forefront of EFI’s growth. Utilizing its impermeable cover and liner systems expertise, EFI became the leading provider of biodigester solutions for the production and use of biogas. Based in South Carolina, EFI continues to create new solutions to fit industrial, municipal, agricultural, and Renewable Natural Gas client needs.

Quality Control is Our Priority

EFI is a proud member of the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI). Our work is performed based on IAGI Installation Specifications, as well as material manufacturer and project installation criteria.

EFI maintains crews of qualified supervisory, quality control, safety, technical, and labor personnel. Supervisors are trained through field experience and EFI’s Supervisor Training System. Quality Control personnel are trained by IAGI, the Geosynthetic Research Institute (GRI), material manufacturers, and other applicable authorities. Technicians have been certified by IAGI and applicable manufacturer programs.

Our Core Values

Hard Work & Efficiency

EFI utilizes an ideal combination of human capital and resources to provide efficient and exemplary service at the highest standards of quality.

A Strong Sense of Ethical & Social Responsibility

EFI’s processes are always transparent, and our company is committed to work for our community’s improved quality of life.

Persistent Pursuit of Sustainability

EFI will always strive for environmental stewardship and sustainability in order to reach a balance between the needs of the environment and its inhabitants by advocating for the right use of our natural resources.


EFI’s processes are always transparent, and our company is committed to work for our community’s improved quality of life.