EFI Geosynthetic Liners

EFI-installed Geosynthetic Liners Help:


Prevent groundwater contamination


Keep potable water clean & contained


Protect containment structures from corrosion, erosion or other structural degradation

Our geosynthetic liners have proven to be an inexpensive alternative to clay and concrete for precious metal mining, generating power, and other containment challenges. The flexibility and durability of geomembranes allow them to conform to most any size and shape.

We provide geosynthetic liner systems in the following applications:

  • Agricultural, including waste solutions for dairy, poultry and swine farms and plant operations
  • Municipal, including landfills, solid waste containment, wastewater storage and soil stabilization
  • Commercial Industrial, including chemical containment, tailings impoundment and food processing waste management

We also repair previously installed geomembrane covers and liners. Our deep experience allows us to assess your situation and implement a quality fix quickly so you don’t have to deal with lasting damages.

Do you have an urgent repair need? Contact us today for an assessment.