EFI Geosynthetic Covers

EFI’s Geosynthetic Cover Systems help:

Collect biogas   Exclude rainwater   Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions   Contain heat   Mitigate odors   Prevent evaporative loss

Our custom-built solutions offer a cost effective alternative to traditional tanks and concrete vaults used for liquid and semi-solid storage, all built to ensure regulatory and compliance specifications are met.

Floating covers can be used in a variety of spaces, including municipal and industrial, agricultural (including swine, poultry and dairy farms and plant operations), and food processing facilities.

Impermeable Floating Covers

Designed for agricultural applications, our proven impermeable floating covers prevent gasses and odor from manure or waste from being released into the environment.

Odor & Algae Control Covers

Ideal for geosynthetic materials and industrial containment systems for commercial applications, including chemical containment, tailings impoundment and food processing waste management.

Insulated Covers

We offer insulated covers for solutions in extreme cold weather climates.

Specialty Custom Applications

We supply sustainable sport and recreation solutions including field covers, and decorative pond liners to schools, universities, recreational facilities and parks.

Inflated Covers

We offer custom geosynthetic materials and sustainable waste management systems for municipal applications, including solid waste containment, landfills, wastewater storage and treatment, and soil stabilization.

Cover Repair

We also repair previously installed geomembrane covers and liners. Our deep experience allows us to assess your situation and implement a quality fix quickly so you don’t have to deal with lasting damages.

Do you have an urgent repair need? Contact us today for an assessment.