Biogas Solutions

As Renewable Natural Gas development continues to increase, EFI has positioned itself as the leader in both Ambient Temperature and Mesophilic Lagoon Cover Anaerobic Digestion Systems.

We’ve leveraged our deep expertise in the installation of geosynthetic materials to successfully complete hundreds of biogas solution projects around the world, and we continue to innovate in this field. 

We offer custom geosynthetic materials and sustainable waste management systems for commercial industrial applications for chemical containment, tailings impoundment and food processing waste management; agricultural applications, including dairy, poultry and swine farms and plant operations; and municipal applications, including solid waste containment, landfills, wastewater storage and treatment, and soil stabilization.

We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls of using ‘off-the-shelf’ materials and inexperienced contractors by consulting on your specific project environment, regulatory requirements and end goals.

Our biogas solutions include:

  • Biogas Project Development
  • Gas Conditioning Systems
  • Floating Digester Covers
  • Digester Covers for Gas Storage
  • Site specific sludge removal and maintenance systems
  • Tank Biogas Covers
  • Ambient Temperature and Mesophilic Lagoon Biogas Systems
  • Flaring and Cloud Based Monitoring Equipment
  • O2 injection systems for H2S removal
  • Carbon Dioxide extraction and purification from waste RNG tail gas

Will a Lagoon Digester Work for Your Farm or Facility?

An anaerobic digester is a facility that takes in manure or other animal waste byproducts and processes it in a way that recovers most of the methane and results in biogas products like Renewable Natural Gas fuel and electricity. Digesters reduce the need for lagoons that smell and release greenhouse gasses.  EFI can provide you with an assessment of your operation so you can decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Contact us today for a project assessment.